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Everyone in our team is just about as passionate about travel and adventure as you are. When it comes to reaching challenging destinations, or making the most of wherever you go, we are the experts. Whether you wish to travel across the United Kingdom or see as much of United States of America as you can, we can help realize your dreams. We can create an adventure or an experience that will surely have enough pleasant memories that can last you a life time.

We understand that all of us have a different idea of adventure, and your group of equally enthusiastic members may vary. Whether you are just four of you, or even if you are a gigantic team of eighty, we can make plans for all of you. We specialize in creating customized adventures that are tailor made to suit your needs.
The proof of this can be seen in the steady flow of positive reviews our clients leave behind for us. We treat each of you as individual and not try to fit you in a standard mold. Above everything, we love to hear from travellers as passionate as us, and help us do better each time.

When it comes to the safety of your travel, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. We would never plan anything putting your safety and security at risk. We share your love for adventure, but always take all necessary precautions. Our team experts can be found almost everywhere you travel. They are there to provide you with any and every kind of assistance required.

We are not just interested in our clients but give equal importance to the surroundings, the local people, the environment and everything else that is affected. While you plan your adventure with us, you are not just making memories but are also serving a noble purpose. As a small part of the fees goes directly to our foundation, that runs some projects for a better tomorrow. In case you have any queries or require any assistance you can send us an email or get in touch with the customer support staff.






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4971 Wellington Street Toronto, ON M9C 3J5

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